Converting Brother Printers to CISS

Brother printers make great CISS printers. I have a long experience with Brother printers and have been using them for almost a decade. I consider Brother as the best office printers. They have great all in on printers perfect for any business and for personal use. They usually make their printer strong to withstand abuse or constant use.

Brother printers have gone a long way and have made great achievements to bring their printers on the same level as Epson printers. In terms of printer high quality pictures Brother still has some catching up to do but for normal text and pictures Brother printer is a brand I highly recommend.

What makes printer from Brother great CISS printers is something they excluded from their ink cartridges which are microchips. Ink cartridges usually have microchips that usually measure ink levels and work as a security key to stop you from using re-manufactured ink cartridges. I find this type of technology really annoying and I’m glad Brother has opted out from putting such devices inside their printers.

Another reason on why Brother printers make great CISS printers is the way they design their printers. CISS manufacturer have found a way to just create larger versions of the original brother cartridges that allow you to put more ink. The design is absent of tubes or hoses which are ever present in Epson printer. These tubes are usually the cause of a lot or problems with Epson CISS printers.

If you happened to be looking for a particular brand to convert into CISS I highly recommend Brother printers. They last longer and are less complicated to covert into CISS.

One thought on “Converting Brother Printers to CISS

  1. I bought a Brother MFC-J470DW and a CISS. The printer does not reconize the ink cartiages. The printer head maybe clogged. It took awhile to get the CISS. How can I get it to work?

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