Coverting Epson to a CISS Printer

The Epson brand is the king of all office printers. Epson printers make great CISS printers but are a little complicated to setup. Epson printers have chips inside their ink cartridges that require replacement to accommodate CISS.

The design of Epson printers also prevents CISS manufacturers from creating larger ink tanks requiring CISS to use tubes or hoses feeding it with ink from external tanks. It get a little complicated when you have tubes or hose from external tanks since pressure comes in play. You have to be careful to always balance the printer in the proper level with its external tanks to prevent the ink from overflowing inside the printer or the reverse going back to the tank.

The whole thing sounds a little complicated and it get a little more with the presence of chips. Once in a while the Epson software will check for ink authenticity which plays havoc with your CISS.

Recently Epson has started creating original CISS printers called Epson Ink Tank Printers. The whole technology is the same but with the exception of it being made by Epson. The whole experience is much smoother and faster. The great thing about using original ink tank printers is you get the Epson warranty.

The roll out of Epson ink tank printers have been a welcome blessing to CISS owners since they can now buy original Epson ink at whole sale prices. Epson has made their ink cheap and made it readily available to anyone per color or by set.

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