Do I Need a CISS Printer

A lot of people are starting to notice that CISS printers are the best way to save money on ink and produce more prints at a reasonable price. But CISS is a little more complex than standard printers and as people start to adapt to this new technology some of them end up with a printer that’s too much for their needs.

CISS printers unlike ordinary printer requires some maintenance. CISS Manufacturers recommend you clean your at least once a week to keep the ink fresh. But cleaning is not complicated and can easily be done with a press of the cleaning button inside your printer’s utility software or for more high end printers a press of its maintenance button.

Bellow are some of the question you need to ask yourself before getting a CISS Printer:

1. Will I use my printer everyday.
2. Am I willing to do the weekly maintenance.
3. Am I willing to refill the CISS ink myself.
4. Is my company or myself willing to break or void the warranty of my printer.

If you have answered at least 3 of the questions with a yes then a CISS printer is the correct solution for your needs.

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