Will Installing CISS Void My Printer’s Warranty

I often get this question from my customers on why printer manufacturers void their warranty if they use CISS. I often explain it to them that CISS itself will not void their warranty but the use of non standard ink from other manufacturer other than prescribed ink is the cause of the cancellation of their warranty.

But this is not alway the case but in general if you intent to use CISS you should assume that your warrantty is canceled. A lot of people have told you can always remove the your CISS if you want to avail of your printer’s warranty which I know can easily be done with Brother printers but for all other printers manufacturers they will surely know if you were using CISS.

Recently in Asia Epson has started rolling out their version of a consumer grade CISS printers called ink tank printers. The reason for such change in the view was the huge demand for ink and how much money they lost if they don’t adapt and start selling ink at wholesale prices. I do notice Epson printer are only limited in Asia to protect their lucrative sales of ink cartridges in Europe and North America.

One thought on “Will Installing CISS Void My Printer’s Warranty

  1. A CISS does can not by federal law void a consumers warranty according to “Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975”. They can put it in whatever contract or warranty claws they want but it doesn’t change the fact. It bothers me when people just repeat the same garbage that other people tell them over and over without checking the facts. You could always file a claim against any company that did not uphold your warranty. Now if you modify the printer, that’s another story.

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