CISS for Lexmark Printers

If you currently have a Lexmark printer and thinking on installing CISS on your printer, I’m going to tell you to stop. Lexmark makes great office printers, but installing CISS on these printers is another story. Lexmark CISS kits are still very expensive and uncommon. The ones that are available in the market have some major defects and had inferior built quality. I know Lexmark can become great CISS printers but until someone comes out with a better kit it’s better to stick to Epson or Brother.

If you do have a Lexmark printer and want to save on ink, refilling the cartridge yourself is another option or buying remanufactured ink in bulk. I recently tried a remanufactured ink for my Lexmark printer and could see no difference in quality. If your like most Lexmark users you’ll be more interested in the quality of text printing which I can say has no noticeable difference. I did see some minor differences with the picture printing quality using remanufactured ink. The blues printed using the remanufactured ink tend to be a little light. Using glossy paper using remanufactured ink is also a not recommended.

Overall remanufactured ink is great alternative if you can install CISS on your printer, but nothing beats using genuine Lexmark cartridges to print pictures and get the best output quality from your printer.

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