Epson L200 Ink Tank Printer

I recently upgraded our printer in the office replacing an old Epson printer with a defective CISS printer. After getting constant complains from my employees regarding how long it took to print a document I gave in and spent around $220 on an Epson L200.

If you haven’t heard the latest product updates from Epson, the Epson L200 is a new line of printers using CISS technology made and designed by Epson. The L200 is exactly the same as the L100 with the exception of a built scanner. I figured its better to spend a little bit more to get a copier along with my new printer.

After opening the box the printer came with a full set of colored ink and 3 bottles of black ink. According to the claim from Epson one bottle can be use to print 3000 pages of text. Getting 3 bottles is really great and gives you confidence that Epson really wants you to use their printer.

Following the instruction on setting up the printer is easy and smooth. Epson did a great job designing the L200 and makes it really easy for anyone to set up. After setting up the hardware you will be required to install the driver and software. This is the part which gets tricky since Epson implemented some software protection for the inks to be recognized by the printer.

You will be required to enter a 12 digit code printed on the bottles labels when you first use the printer. Then the printer will take another 20 minutes to load the ink to the small secondary tanks inside the printer. This part took forever but is interesting since DIY printers had their problems with it comes to loading ink but with the Epson L200 the 20 minute wait was design to make sure each ink tank was flowing properly and had the right pressure. A big contrast from the unofficial CISS printer which had to be done manually and probably took hours.

After the loading process the printer will just set itself to ready and your good to go. I printed several sample and the results are really superior due to the original ink bottles from Epson. Bellow are some pictures of the printer and how it will look when you first open the box.

4 thoughts on “Epson L200 Ink Tank Printer

  1. Do you have to buy replacement bottles from Epson because of the 12 digit code or do other companies supply compatible bottles? And what do they cost?
    What happens when the maintenance tank is full eventually or is this external as well?
    I live in England and find it difficult to find a supplier of this printer. Any ideas?
    Thanks, Sue

  2. Hi Sue, you will really need to buy replacement ink bottles from Epson since you need the code. But in my opinion this wont be problem since Epson ink bottles cost the same amount as the generic ones and they are really better when it comes to printing pictures.

    When you buy the printer it comes with free ink bottles ( 3 black and 1 bottle each for C,Y,M)

    If you need more just send me an email: I can send you a list of suppliers.

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