Choosing the Right Photo Paper for CISS Printers

Printing photos using your CISS printer requires some testing and adjustments. The moment you use ink from other manufacturers it renders the recommended printing setting on the photo paper packaging invalid. The most common reason is really on the ink and not your CISS printer.

The picture bellow is one of the most common type of printing paper. Kodak depending on what type of paper usually puts their label in front of their packaging. I usually recommend my clients and friends to buy from large retailers that give away sample paper.

On the picture you can see it recommends printing on high gloss which is usually second to the highest setting. The higher the setting the more ink it requires to print a picture increasing the quality. But not all ink and paper interact the same so if you raise the setting to high, ink will run from the photo paper.

If you want to make sure your ink and paper settings are correct you need to do a print test:

1. Open a small picture that has all the primary colors.
2. Re-size the picture so it wont fill up your entire paper saving some space for a second test print.
3. Set your CISS printer to print on “Photo Paper” which is the lowest setting.
4. After the first test you can slowly move up to the second highest setting which is ” Premium Photo Paper or High Gloss Photo Paper”.
5. Depending on the result you choose the best setting or try even a higher setting.

The simple steps above might take some time but its what graphic designers do to make sure the maximize th capabilities of their CISS printer. I recommend buying branded photo paper to make sure the results will be consistent every time you make a print.

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