CISS Printing Separating Facts from Fiction

You often see a lot of companies selling CISS kits and ink. Most of them often make outrageous claims making their products more attractive. I don’t really like how some companies market their CISS kits. In fact I often have to correct some of my customers on what CISS printing really means.

1. CISS printer can print pictures with the same quality as original printers. This is probably the number 1 misconception new buyers have with CISS pinters. This claim is simply false and you should never buy from a vendor claiming their product can do such a thing. Its all on the ink, original manufacturer ink for example Epson ink just product better results than any CISS ink in the market. Its not a bad thing but it does say strongly that you need to see the end result of a CISS printer before buying one.

2. Using a CISS kit will not void your printers warranty. This one is hard to swallow since Epson clearly states that any use of third party ink voids warranty.

3. CISS printers last or is a durable device. I’m going to be clear with this last one, CISS printer are modified devices which often need maintenance and attention. I have had dozens of CISS printers and I can truly say they are not no fuss products. They need cleaning and need to be handled with care.

The 3 misconceptions above are some of the wrong ideas some of my customers get from some vendors. It cons of CISS printing has never stopped my form buying new ones. The fact is the Pros in CISS printing out way any negative outcome from having a CISS printer.

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