Should I Order a CISS Kit or Have Someone Install It.

If your new to CISS printing its always best to go to a shop and have someone install it for you. If your worried about voiding your warranty that’s something you already gave up when you decided to convert your printer into a CISS. Now the most important thing you have to think about is making sure the installer does it correctly.

Finding a CISS installer in your city is a matter of just doing a search for Continuous Ink System in your local directory. In Asia its easy to buy and install a CISS printer since its such a common add on for any printer owner. In Europe its almost impossible to find one unless you go through a trade directory for printer suppliers.

If installation cost is somewhat out of reach, buying a printer that’s easy to install would be the best thing you can do. In my experienced tubeless CISS kits are the easiest to install. That mainly narrows your brand to Brother which a great manufacturer for three in one office printers. But achieving the same color qualities of Epson is going to be hard with Brother printers. Epson still makes the best printers for printing pictures. Sadly Epson printers are difficult to install since they require CISS kits with ink tubes that are really difficult to assemble and install.

In the end if installing a CISS printer yourself is necessary, try to look at the instruction manual ahead until you can find one that matches your requirements and skill in modifying a printer.

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