Cheaper Alternative to CISS

I usually offer two types of products to anyone wanting to save ink, that’s CISS and refillable ink cartridges. CISS which stands for Continuous Ink Supply System, is for heavy users who want to print a lot of pictures or documents. CISS works best for an office or a big family. The fact remains that since a CISS printer has lot of tubes they are prone to ink drying up and causing problems if you don’t use the printer in a weekly basis.

A great and cheaper alternative to CISS is refillable ink cartridges, which is simply ink cartridges that allow you to put more ink directly to the tank. These special cartridges usually come with an auto reset chip telling the printer these are genuine cartridges and there is ink inside. There are exceptions to some brands like Brother that have chipless cartridges that makes them ideal candidates for refillable ink cartridges.

I have to admit I had some hesitations with buying refillable ink cartridges due to problems with the auto reset chips in the past. They were often poorly made and will not communicate with the printers properly. You can still see a lot of complains with the auto reset chips when you do some research and read some reviews.

I recently bought a Brother multifunction printer ( MFC-6510DW ) to install a new set of refillable ink cartridges.

There one important reason why I bought a Brother printer and that because it comes with chipless cartridges. Having it with no DRM chip allows me to install refillable ink cartridges without worrying about any problems with the chips.

I went to remove the cartridge cover seen in the picture bellow:

Using the oversize chipless refillable ink I bought from Amazon I know had a heavy duty multifunction printer which was DRM free and can be easily refilled by anyone in my office. Having a DRM chip to deal with if I got an HP would have resulted to numerous resets and even unscheduled maintenance.

I your interest in this printer my total cost was around $210 dollars (Brother MFCJ6510DW + Refillable Ink Catridge) including shipping. Not bad for a business printer with wireless printing.

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