Epson L210 Unboxing and Short Review

I recently had the chance to try out the Epson L210 Ink Tank Printer. I’m a true believer of the Epson Ink Tank Printer technology ever since I bought a Epson L200 more than a year ago. The Epson L200 is probably one of my favorite printers, its just very reliable.

The new Epson L210 is an upgrade from the previous model. Its smaller and more compact in terms of size and even weight.

epson l210

You will notice Epson has transferred the Ink Tanks from the left side to the right side of the printer. I’m not to sure if this has any impact on the printer performance but I think its mainly due to making it more smaller. According to some forum discussions the transfer to the right wide would shorten the ink hose making ink clogging less likely to happen.

epson l210 ink tank

epson l210

There is one big difference to the new Epson L210 that makes it better, which is the presence of a secondary scanner lid that can now be opened making it easier to remove any paper when it jams. The old L200 was just little harder since you could only open a flap to remove any paper jam. The buttons have also been transferred to the center to save space. All the buttons are there making it as easy to quickly print or scanned document just like a copier.
epson l210
The scanner is exactly like the previous model but I do notice it to be a little faster during scanning. The Printer only comes with 1 bottle of each color. The L200 came with 3 black bottles and one of each color, that alone was what made me buy that printer.


The L210 according to Epson is very durable like the L200 and is an improvement in terms of speed and quality of CISS printing. Epson has also worked hard to make the price lower making the Epson L210 even more attractive. The L210 comes out around $180 almost $30 dollars cheaper than the previous model.

If you have a small office or print a lot at home, I highly recommend the any Ink Tank Printer from Epson. I consider the 3 in one printers in the L series a great value and a great money saver. The Epson L210 is still only available in Asia if you want one drop me an email : and I can arrange a shipment to your country.

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