Best Back to School CISS Printers

I often have to buy new printers every other year for my kids. Their biggest complaints are on how much they spend on ink cartridges and how their printers don’t really last that long. Afters years of buying my kids with (HP, Canon & Epson) printers I have come to the conclusion that if I buy them a new printer I needs to fit their life style.

1. The printers need to be cheap and replaceable.
2. They need to have a cheap source of ink.
3. The printers need to be as simple as possible with the least movable parts and attachments.
4. The printer needs to have a built in scanner.

Looking through my old purchases, I came to the conclusion that sticking to Epson and HP was the cause of my kids problems. Probably the biggest reason not the buy these printer is since they come with DRM chips with their ink cartridges that only accept genuine ink. This itself does not make a printer bad but if you want to save money its the wrong way to go.

This school year I’m doing things differently and sticking Brother printers thats DRM free.

Brother DCP-J140W

 brother I got this model really cheap in Amazon for around $80 and got free shipping. It comes with wirless ( wifi printing) and a copier function. These features alone make this printer perfect for anyone.
 lc611 I also got a refillable LC61 ink cartridge making my brother printer a wireless CISS printer.

The Brother DCP-J140W is an entry level Brother inkjet printer that specifically design just to print documents fast and maybe print some graphic or pictures. This printer can print any term paper without any problem and even some pictures with the right printer paper. The pictures won’t be as good as a high end photo printer but it can produce great quality prints using the refillable ink cartridges.

Using this combination and brand has not been my first choice probably from to much marketing from Epson and HP.  But Brother is doing something great with their printers by making money on the printers they don’t rob you every time you have to buy ink.

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