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The Epson XP-410 has been the number 1 top selling Epson printer for 2014. The fact that its so reliable and cheap makes it a perfect printer to convert into CISS. If your not familiar with the Epson XP-410 its one of the entry level (three in one) printer Epson introduced back in November.
epson410 ciss
It has a great scanner and prints relatively great pictures. Its not  one of the fastest printer Epson has its lineup but its also not slow. In fact comparing it to other printers in its class, its actually fast. It comes with a WIFI feature and WIFI direct support which allowing you to print documents  if you have a tablet or phone.

This new network option also allows you to connect directly to the printer even if you don’t have a WIFI network at home. There is a small LCD screen that allows you to choose which pictures to print using the built in SD slot.

Converting the Epson XP-410 is relatively easy if you have the right CISS kit for the printer. Bellow are the few CISS kit that are compatible with the printer. The ARC chip which comes with the CISS communicates with the printer and allow you to use 3rd party ink without any problems.

Epson XP- 410 CISS Kit

ciss for xp410
The XP-410 CISS kit above is around $53 in Amazon.

Another cheaper option is from Gigablock and also comes with a chip that allows it to communicate with the printer.

gigablock ciss epson 410
Giga Block Epson CISS Kit

This CISS kit is a bit cheaper and also comes with a great manual on how to install it on your Epson XP-410.
Which ever CISS kit you plan to choose, your printer will function the same way and will give you great prints with the high ink cost.

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  1. I would like you give me a list of Epson printers connected with CISS so I could choose my own base on the price.

    • Hi Kenneth if you look at this page you can see a comparison of the Ecotank printers. I work on a comparison for converted CISS printers which still comes out cheaper or the only choice if you need a large format printer.

      Epson Ecotank Printers UK

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