Best CISS Printer for 2015

The best CISS printer goes to the Epson L-series printers or they call them ink tank printers and in some regions CISS printers. They are very reliable printers that are now the standard printers in banks, schools and offices. These printer are now available in the US and everyone can take avantage of having an original CISS printer.

Epson L355 CISS Printer

The Epson L355 is an update to the L210 which became a very popular printer. The Epson L355 is a refinement to the previous model. The L355 now has WIFI connectivity and faster printing speed.
epsonl355Epson also made several improvements with this model and that had something to do with the faster refilling time to load your ink. This has made the setup of the L355 really smooth and easy to do.

The scanner resolution has also been doubled and the scanning speed is also faster regardless of the double resolution. The speed increased Epson has pushed with this new model has something to do with making the copier functionality faster and comparable to a dedicated copier.

Epson L210 All-in-One Printer

epsonl210The Epson L210 is one of the most reliable printers I have ever purchased. This printer has proven itself as a printer that is durable and reliable. If you go around Asia you will notice banks, stores and offices using the Epson L210.

This printer can function as a copier, scanner and a very good printer. I have made a short review on the Epson L210 and It still functions like the day I bought it.

Epson made a new revision to this printer with the Epson L355 which I recently tested in my local Epson store. I know recommend the L355 due to its new WIFI connectivity and faster printing speed.

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  1. Hi, will this printer suitable for printing 50k pages. How bout the cost per page will it be more saving comparing to the third party ciss? Can u recommend me as im opening a printing shop for student. I need a cost efficient printer as im providing a cheap printing services. Thank you.

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