Brother MFC-J450DW a $100 CISS Printer


I´m a big fan of brother printers due to their reliability and price.
The Brother J450DW is a great 4 in one, that means it can copy, scan, print and
fax. It also has a wireless feature which allows you to easily connect it your

This printer also stands out as the most affordable duplex printer which the allow
you to print both sides saving you paper. Since the printer itself has such a great
prie, the moment you convert the J450DW to CISS it will be most affordable duplex
CISS printer.

To Create this kit you will need the following:

Brother MFC-J450DW Printer
Brother CISS Kit

The whole package itself will bring you near a $100 which is a bargain if you intend to
use it in your office.

The moment you convert it to CISS the tanks will extend outside
the printer.

There is an important requirement when you convert the printer to CISS,
you will need the original printer cartridges. The chips will allow the printer
to communicate and recognize the CISS. I have converted 5 J450DW to CISS
and have never encountered any issues with the chips.

This is mainly due to Brother using the chips only to recognize the
cartridges is there and using light to measure the ink levels.
I really dislike HP and Epson using the chips in their cartridges to measure
ink levels, they never get it right. You can find a video guide on
installing the CISS kit bellow as well as transferring the chip on the cartridges.

CISS Installation instructions Brother Printer

I have been using these Brother MFC-J450DW with a CISS kit for almost 8 months, It really does
get the job done. However if you don´t intend to print a lot, you can still save by using
remanufactured ink cartridges which can you get in bulk.

3 thoughts on “Brother MFC-J450DW a $100 CISS Printer

  1. I’ve read your reviews on brother J450DW & Epson L355/L210. I’ve used L210 2yrs back & so far no complains. I recently opt to buy L355, but got 2nd thought after reading your review of J450DW. Pls advise based on your experience which one is better. I’ll be usong the printer more often on volume printing (colored) like brochures/flyers.

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