Choosing the Right Photo Paper for CISS Printers

Printing photos using your CISS printer requires some testing and adjustments. The moment you use ink from other manufacturers it renders the recommended printing setting on the photo paper packaging invalid. The most common reason is really on the ink and not your CISS printer. The picture bellow is one of the most common type […]

Epson L200 Ink Tank Printer

I recently upgraded our printer in the office replacing an old Epson printer with a defective CISS printer. After getting constant complains from my employees regarding how long it took to print a document I gave in and spent around $220 on an Epson L200. If you haven’t heard the latest product updates from Epson, […]

CISS for Lexmark Printers

If you currently have a Lexmark printer and thinking on installing CISS on your printer, I’m going to tell you to stop. Lexmark makes great office printers, but installing CISS on these printers is another story. Lexmark CISS kits are still very expensive and uncommon. The ones that are available in the market have some […]

Do I Need a CISS Printer

A lot of people are starting to notice that CISS printers are the best way to save money on ink and produce more prints at a reasonable price. But CISS is a little more complex than standard printers and as people start to adapt to this new technology some of them end up with a […]