Introduction to CISS Printers

I have been using CISS printers for the last five years. CISS simply stands for Continuous Ink Supply System. Although CISS has been around since ink jet printers were invented, CISS only hit the main stream market in the last 6 to 7 years. Professional graphic designers have been using CISS for years and have been buying ink at wholesale prices for the last 10 years.

Buying ink at whole sale prices is essentials since original stock cartridges ( Epson and HP ) came with really high prices unacceptable to professional graphic designers and businesses. Since CISS came to picture smart companies who wanted to save money have been using it everyday for years.

Today as CISS became more common, home consumers are starting to use CISS as way to save money and produce more prints at cheaper rate. Since CISS became popular a lot of manufacturers mostly from China came out with their version of CISS. This website intents to simplify choosing the right CISS and help you choose which printer to buy that can be converted to use CISS. Its a common knowledge for CISS owners that printer manufacturer have not been so happy with CISS have have develop ways to make it harder to implement CISS to their printers. But as they try to make it harder to use CISS, new systems have been developed to make the conversion easier and even make the whole process to converting to CISS as easy as putting a new cartridge.