Up Coming Canon CISS Printers

Canon is joining the CISS market with their own original CISS printers. Canon was smart to release a high volume printer model which is what everyone is looking for in CISS printer. Its great Canon has joined the market since Canon printer have one of the best borderless printers. They can print great pictures without any issues of ink runs and smudges. Their ink quality is also great and has the best color reproduction print shops are looking for when they get a printer.

Canon released the following models in Asia whit their Asian model names, the North American model names will be out in a few weeks. The Pixma ink efficient G3000 which is their high volume CISS printer and is WIFI capable. The second model is the Pixma Ink Efficient G2000 which is their mid rage CISS printer which is a basic 3 in 1 CISS printer. Their third model is the Pixma G1000 which is an entry level budget printer with no scan capability.

What makes me interested with these models are the extras, they all come which free bottles of ink plus and extra 2 more black ink bottles. If you have a small office or print shop these extras will matter but if your a home user these bottles will last you a year or more.

Bellow are some more details of the new PIXMA CISS printers, they should be out in a few months. If your in a hurry for an orignal CISS printer you can check out the Epson CISS printers which are out in the market.

canon pixma ciss printer

canon pixma ciss printer