Upcoming Original HP CISS Printers

HP is finally joining the CISS printer market with some upcoming releases. The HP Deskjet GT 5810 Ai0 and the HP Deskjet GT 5820 WL Ai0 both CISS Printers. These model releases are using their Asian model names and will have North American model names in a few months.

Bellow is a catalog of the 2 models. The GT5820 will feature WIFI capability while the GT5810 will be the basic 3 in one printer. The price for GT5810 will be around $170 and the GT5820 around $210. The ink bottle prices have not been released yet, however it should be around the same price as the Epson ink bottles.

Since these products are not out yet, you can get the Epson CISS printers which are already out in the market.

Bellow are some details of the first generation HP CISS Printers.

HP CISS Printers

HP new CISS printers 2016